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White Fillings


Fillings are a routine and effective treatment to correct and prevent further decaying and destruction  of the tooth. Fillings can also be used to fill minor chips and other aesthetic imperfections in teeth.

When do I need a dental filling?

  • Teeth that a re destroyed by decay and the damage is less then 50% of the remaining tooth structure,when the tooth is more destroyed dental crown would be recommended.
  • When teeth have small chips
  • For esthetic reasons to hide color ,shape imperfections of teeth

What kinds of dental filling are used?

  • Resin composite(white tooth colored fillings)
  • Silver amalgam fillings
  • Glass Ionomer fillings

The resin composite fillings are the most used fillings in the last 10 years because of their chemical bond with the natural tooth and the possibility to match the tooth perfectly.Since the chemical bond to the tooth they don`t require more tooth removal as the silver filling so they are also more conservative option.They have similar physical properties as natural teeth expanding and contracting in a similar fashion.

Should I change my silver fillings?

This is question that we have to address daily …It`s topic in the news for a long time ,our office philosophy is that if nothing is wrong with the filling on visual inspection (no open margins,crack and chips) no problems on x-rays ,no decay under the filling we recommended not removing them.We always want to discussed the risk and benefits of any treatment plan with the patients this one is not a expansion.

Why my tooth is sensitive after a filling was done?

Sometime patient will have slight sensitivity after the new fillings were done,that is normal reaction to having the filling just done or if you had it replaced. Decay is the major reason  for sensitive teeth,while the tooth is worked on the decay is removed and the tooth will get irritated even more. Sensitivity for the first couple of days to couple of weeks are common ,after that tooth gradually gets better.

My tooth is sensitive while I bite down? 

That is sign that the new filling is slightly too high and need to be adjusted for the bite to feel normal. 

When the filling is done, patient is numb and they can`t tell  if the bite feels just right ,after the anesthetic wears off they can tell if the bite is normal or not.Short visit to the visit will take care of the problem.

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