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"After several costly and near miss attempts to fit me with an upper denture,  I settled for the least objectionable one.  This denture was carefully nurtured with a Dremel tool and dental adhesive, but countless tubes of super glue later I admitted defeat and searched for another dentist.  My dental hygienist recommended Dr. Alek, she worked with him in another office and was impressed by his competence.  Dr. Alek was sympathetic of my condition and offered me several options on dental procedures.  I settled for a new denture in spite of my former experience.  At the first fitting I fully expected the demeaning and ghastly process of having another oversized denture forced into my mouth but I was astounded to discover blissful comfort instead.  Within two weeks I now have a well fitting, dental adhesive free and attractive denture. I am, and will not be the last, of his patient thanking him with a big smile.".

Liliane S


To the Dr Alek who helped me get back the smile. I want to express to you what a wonderful job you did for me, my confidence, and my self esteem. My advice to anyone who thinks that their teeth are too far gone need to go see Dr. Alek and staff, let them help you make an informed decision. You have earned my trust and respect.

Allen S.


The best staff and dentist who can address any dental issue and care for your dental needs. Looking for a dental office or considering a change, this is the place to go!!



Dr. Alek was very kind and caring. He helped to ease my fears and made me feel very comfortable. I am very happy with my care.

Jack H


By far the most professional dental office I've been to. Friendly and comfortable environment. The technology used to help me make an informed decision about my dental care. They are genuinely caring.

Caroline G