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Teeth Whitening

The easiest,fastest and most affordable way to enhance your smile.

Today teeth whitening can be divided in the following groups:

  • Teeth whitening products available over the counter
  • Take home teeth whitening kits that are prescribed by a dentist
  • In office teeth whitening.

Over the counter whitening products work but since they have much lower percentage then the product given by dentist they need much longer to get get satisfying effects.

The in office teeth whitening which usually up to an hour procedure is the fastest but the highest concentration on whitening gel is used and teeth sensitivity after the procedure is common.

We prefer to recommended to our patient take-home whitening kits because the lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide  lessens the risk of gum or tooth sensitivity,  The take-home kits also allow our patients the freedom to bleach their teeth at their convenience. Bleaching trays containing whitening gel are usually applied for an hour a day, for a period of one to three weeks. After treatment is complete, the  results are consistent with those achieved with our in-office teeth whitening procedure.

Many of our patients consume coffee, tea, red wine, and other colored foods and drinks as part of their regular diets. Some patients also smoke or take medications that can affect the pigmentation of the teeth. All of  that can cause teeth to become discolored over time. Our patients consistently attest to the lasting effect this simple procedure has had on improving their everyday life.

With regular dental cleaning and a good at-home oral hygiene regimen, the results of either our at-home or in-office whitening procedures can last for long time.We strongly believe that optimal oral health has a lasting and profound effect on your overall health and quality of life, and we are here to help you treat your mouth well.

 For more information on teeth whitening  and how you can improve your smile and your oral health, call our office at (561)881-0067.