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What is a cavity?

Most people know that biggest reason for cavities is sugar.Teeth are decayed because the acids produced by the bacteria who grows on the teeth(plaque) is feeding with sugars.Soft drinks and “energy”drinks have huge amounts of sugars and are the main reasons for decay.

What are baby bottle cavities?

Babies who fall a sleep with baby bottle are most likely to have problems with baby cavities because the sugars from the breast milk and juices gets adhered to the baby teeth overnight.

What are early signs of tooth decay?

Sensitivity to sweet food,cold temperature,dark brown stained pits in your teeth,broken teeth or fillings.

Does every tooth stain is a cavity?

No! Most people drink coffee,wine,dark teas so all of those dark drinks will contribute to staining of the teeth.Dental exam and check up is needed to be sure that no treatment is needed.

How can prevent a cavity?

Practicing good oral hygiene,brushing an flossing everyday is number one.regular professional dental cleanings and check ups would prevent any major work since it would catch small problems in the begining.

Is Novocaine still used?

We get this question at least twice a day.Novocaine is not used anymore ,we use way safer anesthetics as Lidocaine and Articaine, but the Novocaine name si still present ,that was popular anesthetic brand that was used decades ago but some people were allergic to it was replaced with much safer alternatives.

How long would I feel numb?

Usually the tooth will be numb for 1-2 hours and the lips and tongue up to 3-4 hours.

The dentist can`t get me numb? Anesthetic does not work for me?

Every patient is different,everyone has different anatomy but we are confident that with our techniques we can get everyone numb and comfortable during the procedure.Most patients comment that they feel anything.We know that the extra minute or two during the administration of anesthesia make a huge difference.




Do I need to remove my old metal fillings?

Your office philosophy is if the filling is still functional without leaking margins,no visible decay on visual examination and during x-ray check-ups we advise to leave it alone.

Which filling is better metal or white composite filling?

In the recent years with the development of more advanced composite filling materials most dentist prefer white fillings.

Metal fillings still have a place in dentistry but they being rapidly replaced by the composites.

When I need a filling and when I need a dental crown?

As rule of thumb when the tooth is missing less then 50% of the tooth structure filling is treatment option.When the tooth lost more then 50% then the remaining tooth structure will not being able to support the filling so more durable and stronger restoration would be recommended.

Why I have sensitivity after a filling?

Decay is the reason why the tooth gets irritated to start.When we remove decay we irritate the tooth even more  by removing the infected portion so it takes a little bit of time for the tooth to calm down.

Should I have my dentist check my filling since it feels high and start to feel sensitive on my tooth?

Yes! During the placement of the filling patients are anesthetized and while we try our best to make sure the bite is right ,sometimes a slightly high filling will give a sensitivity problem.

I have fillings in my mouth for many years,should i replace them?

If there is no problems with them no need for any treatment,home care and regular check ups will help prolong the life of the fillings for many years.

Why my dentist said  fillings last 5-7 years?

That is just a statistical average.Some people have immaculate dental hygiene and they will have their dental work for 50 plus years ,some patients will have sugar heavy intake and poor dental habits and their work would be compromised in 6 months.

Does every filling need anesthetic?

Most of the small one surface fillings in the pits of the teeth usually are shallow and if the x-ray does not show large cavity ,anesthetic is not needed.

Filings first or teeth whitening?

When fillings are needed on the front teeth we recommended having the teeth whitened first then wait for couple of weeks for the shade to settle and we will processed to doing the fillings.


Dental Cleaning and Check-Ups

How often I need a cleaning ?

Patients with no dental problems are recommended to have cleaning twice a year or every 6 months.For periodontal patients the recommendation is every 3-4 months.

How many times a day  should I brush?

The best way to remove the food and plaque from your teeth and gums is brushing.Removing them as soon as possible prevent formation of cavities.Ideal number of brushing would be after every meal but we know not many people have the time and the opportunity to brush after every meal,we recommended at least in the morning and before going to bed.

Brushing too hard?

When we brush most of us are putting too much force towards the teeth going back and forth instead of going in circular motion focusing only on 2-3 teeth at the time. Toothbrush should be placed at 45 degrees angle on the tooth while circular motion is done.Brushing involves all of the surfaces of the teeth.

Bleeding gums?

When the plaque is not effective removed form the teeth it starts to irritate the gums making them swollen,tender and more they bleed.That is is first sign of gum disease-gingivitis.

Bleeding while brushing?

Changing from soft  to hard bristles could be the reason for bleeding ,changing to soft bristles and proper brushing technique would help.

Electric or manual toothbrush?

Both of them are good but used little differently.Electric toothbrush spins therefore no circular motion is needed,bristles are positioned at 45 degrees angle on the tooth and the toothbrush is placed for 5-10 seconds one tooth a time.Most people use the electric toothbrush as a manual moving the toothbrush in circular motion and  damaging the gums.

When the toothbrush should be changed?

When the bristles are starting to spread  it is a time for new one.

How long should i brush my teeth?

At east 2 minutes,3 minutes would be ideal.

Why we floss?

Flossing is removing debris and bacteria that we can`t reach with toothbrush in the spaces between the teeth.

How often should I floss?

Once a day is the minimum,every tooth should be floss on each side in the front and the back making a c shape around the tooth.

I saw on TV that flossing does`t work?

Not true,flossing is most important factor in preventing plaque formation between the teeth and with that biggest factor in gum disease prevention.

Can i use floss picks?

As long they are used in similar fashion as a convention floss absolutely!

I have a waterpik can I stop flossing?

No waterpik are amazing devices that remove a lot of plaque but they are not replacement for conventional flossing.

I have multiple crown and bridge dental work done during the years and I have problem with flossing?

For patients who have bridges floss threaders have been used for a long time but sometimes they are cumbersome to be used properly . Superfloos is a floss that has floss thread incorporated into the floss so it is much easier to be used.

Bad breath(Halitosis)?

Over 40 million americans have persistent bad breath. It is estimated that 90% of the origins is oral condition.Most of the time it is caused by inadequate dental hygiene and having remaining of food on the teeth,gums,tongue.Bacteria grows on the food and releases sulfur compound that gives that bad smell.

Taking care of bad breath

Practicing proper home dental hygiene with brushing twice a day ,flossing at least once with making sure the tongue is cleaning also is first step.Controlling periodontal disease is also very important.

Patients with denture should clean the dentures since they can harbor bacteria and food.

Periodontal disease often causes bad smell and taste in the mouth.



Do I need Fluoride?

Fluoride is important mineral of the tooth enamel that strengthens the tooth and prevents decay.Most cities in US have fluoridated water in order to distribute the fluoride.



Are x-rays really necessary?

Yes.Without them we are not able to diagnose treat problems that are not possible to be seen with naked eyes.They reveal cavities and pathology that in the bone,gums,accesses,cysts and tumors.

Do I need  x-rays every time I have a cleaning?

No,we recommended once a year if the patient is low risk caries patient and no visible problems are detected during the exam.

Why dental x-rays are taken?

X-ray are helpful in diagnosing cavities  between the teeth the areas where the dentist can`t check,they also help checking the existing dental work,fillings,crowns,bridges so any kind of problem would be early detected.Implants and overall anatomy in the head is check for any kind of pathology.

But x-ray have a lot of radiation?

The new digital x-rays sensors like we have in the office are having 85-95% less radiation then the conventional x-rays.Set of four bitewings is having exposure of 0.005 mSv of radiation which is the same radiation you get in every day from natural sources.


Dental Crown and Bridges

What is a Crown?

Dental restoration that is tooth shaped and is used to restore damage tooth.


When I need a Crown?

When the tooth is missing more then half of the tooth structure because of decay,broken filling or tooth.

If the tooth had a root canal treatment most of the time crown is needed.

Do crowns have metal in them?

Some of them have but in the last 4-5 years most of crown made are metal free(all porcelain) crowns.

We still make porcelain fused to metal and gold crowns in certain cases.

How long does a crown last?

Like with the fillings every person is different some of the gold crowns of our patients are 60 plus years old and they look immaculate,on the other hand person who doesn`t brush and floss regularly would develop decay problems really fast.

Do I need to brush and floss my dental crowns like regular teeth?

Yes! The crown will protect the tooth from getting cavity on the surfaces that they are covered but on the margins where the crown and the tooth are merging any accumulation of plaque would develop a decay,that is the reason why normal brushing  flossing is recommended.

Does all the crowns have a gray line showing at the gums?

No,all porcelain crowns don`t have any metal in them so  the gray line is never a problem,that was a problem with porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Can the shade of the crown match my natural teeth?

Most of the time we are capable of matching the shade in office,we use digital cameras to take photos to send it to the lab ,sometimes the lab technician would come by and do a custom shade matching for optimal results.

What is a bridge?

Bridge is dental prosthesis that is used to replace a missing tooth by connecting to the teeth next to the missing one,it has been only option for permanent replacement of teeth till 20 years ago when dental implants were introduced.

How many teeth can be replaced with bridge ?

Most of the time we would recommend not more then 2 in the back and up to 4 in the front ,that is when the eye teeth are used as supporting teeth.

Which one cost more bridge or implant?

This is common question and the answer is not that easy.

Implant usually cost more because it involves having the implant surgically placed and on top of that custom abutment and implant crown is fabricated.Bridge would sometimes cost less but the average statistical lifespan of a bridge is around 4-5 years because of difficulty to keep the prosthesis clean.So you may pay little bit more at the start but since implants have less complications later on it would be more cost effective in a long run.

How do I clean my bridge?

Cleaning under the dental bridge could be challenge since the all the teeth are connected,floss threaders,waterpik or Superfloss should be used.

Is the bridge made of metal?

Some are but we are using very often zirconia frame which is tooth colored so the gray line at the gums is not an issue anymore.




What are veneers?

Veneers are shell looking porcelain that is bonded on the tooth.They are done to alight the teeth giving them more esthetic and pleasing look.While porcelain n the main material we are using in some cases composite veneers could be good option also.

Which one is better porcelain veneers or bondings?

Both of them are good options ,bonding is a more conservative since none or slight adjustment of the teeth is needed,can be removed without damaging the tooth and is less expensive.

Can I have only one veneer done?

In rare cases yes ,the biggest problem with making a single veneer is matching the shade corresponding tooth on the opposite side ,the most difficult task in dentistry is matching the shade of single central incisor.

How long do veneers last?

Like with any dental work as long proper dental hygiene is practiced ,veneers can can be long lasting treatment for decades.



Tooth extractions



When I need my tooth extracted?

Whenever possible we try save every tooth we can but sometimes the tooth needs to come out:

If the tooth is badly decayed,fractured below the gum line and non restorable,if there is big infection(abscess).

What options I have after a tooth loss?

1.Do nothing ,which in a long run is not a smart solution,neighboring teeth will shift ,opossing teeth would start to drift trying to touch something and your bite will change.

2.Implant ,probably the best solution in most cases since only the missing space problem will be solved without including additional teeth.

3.Dental Bridge, permanent solution that involves adjusting the tow adjacent teeth and connecting all of them in one prosthesis that is permanently cemented.

4.Partial denture,removable dental prosthesis that has metal framework with the missing teeth attached to it.

Why do I need my wisdom teeth extracted?

Not every wisdom tooth needs to be extracted ,if the wisdom teeth come out straight and the can be kept clean there is no need for extraction.Sometime wisdom teeth are impacted(stuck) beside the fact they are not painful , so they need to be removed before they damage the tooth in the front.



What is a denture?

Removable prosthesis used to replace all the teeth in the jaw.

What type of denture is right for me?

Dentures can be divided into several groups.

1.Complete dentures-conventional dentures that are used when ll of the teeth are missing.

2.Partial dentures-dentures that are replacing only the missing teeth and using the remaining teeth for retention and stabilization.

3.Implant supported dentures- dentures that are using implant to snap on and to be permanently screwed in.

Implant dentures can be snap on dentures which can use ball  or bar attachments to snap on the implants.

What is all-on-4 denture?

All-on-4 is a implant denture which is screwed in and not removable ,it has at least 4 implant supporting the prosthesis that is where the name come from.

It is also called Hybrid prosthesis since it is using the denture design while being fixed,another name widely used is permanent denture.

Can I sleep with my dentures?

No! Dentures should be removed ,cleaned and stored in a container with water overnight given the gums a chance to rest.

Should I clean my dentures with hot boiling water or bleach?

NO!Hot water and bleach will distort and warp you dentures sometimes making them unusable. Warm water and cleaning tablets are more then enough to remove the plague after the denture was cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Loose denture 

Loose denture is a common problem.when the bone and gum shrink the denture on top feels like  one size  bigger.

Fixing the loose denture sometimes involves relining the denture other times remaking the denture is a better treatment.





What insurances are accepting in you office?

We are in network provider for most PPO insurances but since every company has multiple plans it is always the best to give our office a call to make sure we have all the necessary information so you would have a clear picture of the coverage.

We are NOT accepting HMO,DHMO,Medicaid and Medicare.

What financing option I have?

We offer in our  office interest free financing through care credit and lending club.