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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the most monumental development in dentistry in the last 30 years .

Facts about dental Implants

  • More then 35 million Americans are missing all of their teeth in one or both jaws
  • 3 million implant being placed each year and that number is raising by 500 000 each year
  • 69% of adults between 33-45 are missing at least one tooth due to decay,gum disease or failed root canal.
  • Success rate of implants in 20 years studies is 95-97%

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are best replacement for missing teeth.Dental implants are made up from two components like your own teeth. Natural teeth have a root and a crown. Dental Implants compose of a titanium root form embedded in the jaw bone and a crown attached to the root form via a selected attachment device.

Why dental implants?

They are ideal solutions for people, who have a missing tooth or teeth with good general and oral health. They are versatile, strong and natural-looking and they are utilized to replace one or more teeth. The result is better oral health via improved ability to chew, creation of a complete and comfortable bite, improved aesthetics and speech.

Am I good candidate?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you may be a perfect candidate for dental implants.

Single tooth implants

Missing a single tooth specially a front tooth is not easy.For starters  you can not smile with confidence.Your bite might change and the adjacent teeth would move.

From all the front tooth replacement options dental implant is the most logical and most conservative.

So lets go over the options when a single tooth is missing:

  • Do Nothing
  • Dental Implant
  • Dental Bridge
  • Partial Denture

Dental implant is replacing only the tooth missing without involving the healthy teeth,it is easier to keep it clean and the success rate is higher.

The dental bridge would involve reshaping and caping of the healthy adjacent  teeth and keeping the bridge clean is always a problem.

Partial is dental prosthesis that is removable and is using the remaining teeth to hold on with metal clasp,lot of patient don`t want any removable appliances in their mouth.

Multiple teeth implant replacement

When multiple or all teeth are missing partial and complete dentures has been golden standard of care for many years till dental implant were developed.

When the teeth are lost ,the bone starts to shrink so over time the dentures need to be relined or redone.

Dental implants beside the benefit of biting food with no fear of moving dentures they also prevent further bone loss because they act like roots of natural teeth ,holding the bone at same level.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants have over 97% success rate and in most cases with proper dental hygiene care they last a lifetime.

Cost Dental Implants?

A dental bridge might be less expensive at the start but in a long term dental implants are cheaper then any other treatment since they are highly successful treatment.

We hear this question daily...

How much dental implants cost? Short answer is depends..

It is impossible to give a correct answer because of the endless variations of treatment possibilities.

Does the patient have teeth and  they need to be removed?Does additional bone needs to be added so implants could be placed?Is the patient missing teeth for a long time so there is not sufficient bone left?

Depends from the number of implants needed,single  tooth replacement,multiple teeth connected with a bridge or full arch , kind of the prosthesis...we can go forever

Call us at 561-881-0067 for a free consultation to discover if you are good implant candidate and we will go over every possible scenario.

I wish I had implants long time ago..... My teeth were lost because of gum disease and I was given a denture.I hated how loose the dentures were even with a lot of adhesive.I decided to have implants to help retain my dentures. Implants were placed and after couple of months when everything healed my dentures were connected to the implants.I can bite down in my food without a fear of dentures slipping I can taste my food since the implant dentures are much smaller. I would recommended implants to everyone who is good candidate to have them.

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