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Dental Crowns North Palm Beach

What is a dental Crown? Do I need a crown? Can I have filling instead of a crown?

We hear those questions everyday so we will try to answer them in next couple of paragraphs.

Lets start by saying that dental crown is a tooth looking restoration known as "cap" used to replace damaged tooth.

There are multiple reasons why dental crown would be recommended,as a rule of thumb if the tooth is missing 50% or more of the tooth structure simple dental filling would not  stay and strengthen the tooth so the next step would be a dental crown.

Dental crowns are recommended for:

  • Teeth with large cavity
  • Large or defective fillings
  • Chipped and fractured teeth
  • Old crowns with decay under the crown
  • Teeth that had root canals
  • For esthetic reasons when veneers are not indicated

What materials is dental crown made of ?

In the recent years majority of the dental crowns fabricated in US are all porcelain crowns according to some studies over 80%.

We can divide the the dental crown according to the material they are made of into the following groups:

  • All Porcelain Crowns
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns
  • Gold Crowns

Would I be without a tooth while the crown is made?

Absolutely not! Dental crown procedure usually involves two visits ,during the first and longer visit tooth is shaped and impression is taken for mold.Temporary crown is fabricated and cemented with temporary cement till our local lab fabricated beautiful natural looking tooth restoration.The period in temporary crown is between one to two weeks.

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"I had multiple fillings that were falling apart after being repaired for many times,my front crowns were longer and shade was not matched,I was starting to think that I would not be able to bite down in my steak and have nice looking smile till I meet Dr.Alek. I was treated like a family in the office ,thorough examination including digital x-rays and photos were done,treatment plan was prepared,lot of work during months was done including referrals to multiple specialists coordinating everything without missing a bit and at the end everything come together perfectly.I can not be happier by the results. I love my new crowns they feel and look like natural teeth"

Jim B.
Jim B.
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