Dental phobia affects millions of people even single day , preventing them from receiving the dental care they desperately need. Fear of the dentist and dental anxiety are number one cause people miss routine visits to the dentist which are critical  part to the health of not just the mouth, but the total body. Tooth decay, plaque build up, and GUM DISEASE are all linked to serious health risks including heart disease and diabetes.

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be stressful and painful.  PALM BEACH DENTIST DR.ALEK offers a several options to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. Our DENTAL OFFICE  is designed to be a comfortable with relaxing environment. And our staff is highly trained  and spends time with each patient to educate them on their condition and treatment options.

Patient Education

We recognize the importance of patient education and believe that patients should be an active participant in their oral health. We spend time to listening to each patients concerns,problems,goals and concerns and then carefully design individual  treatment plans to give them the smile they want in the time frame that works best for them. We explain all possible treatment options as well as the details of the procedure to give patients knowledge and total control over their treatment.We use intaroral photography,digital x rays presented on the large size TV screens so they can visualize the problems and come with best informed decision.

We make  sure that you have complete pre- and post-treatment detailed instructions so that you know exactly what to expect before, during and after your procedure.

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