DR.ALEK is a North Palm Beach dentist specializing in Adult Dentistry and the unique dental conditions that occur in a mature adult. Adult dentistry especially caters to adults with complex DENTAL PROBLEMS including denture wearers. We provide a range of services to make sure that dentures fit well, are comfortable and look natural.

Comfortable, Stable Dentures With Dental Implants

Loose denture is a common problem and #1 complain of patients. Properly designed,fabricated  and fitted dentures will prevent slipping of the dentures. For greatest stability, patients may benefit from DENTAL IMPLANTS.

In most cases, we can use existing DENTURES, placing dental implants and retrofitting the old denture .

Implant-supported dentures are extremely comfortable and natural looking. When utilized in the upper mouth, implant supported dentures eliminate the need for an upper denture to cover the roof of your mouth(palate) which causes gagging . In the lower mouth,where almost every patient complains about the fit of the denture implant supported dentures provide a stable fit for lower dentures,giving more natural feeling and better retention.

No-Metal Partial Dentures

For partial dentures, we offer two different options we use conventional metal frame partial denture and we use metal-free flexible materials for a natural appearance. No-metal partial dentures are considered to be the most aesthetic, life-like partial dentures.No all patient are good candidates for metal free partial assessment of the oral condition is needed.

Dental implants may also be used in partial dentures to provide a more stable, comfortable fit.Instead of using the remaining teeth the partial would have much better support from the dental implants.

Immediate Dentures

If you need to have several or all of teeth extracted, you may be good candidate  for “Immediate Dentures”. These are temporary dentures that are placed by itself or with partnership with dental implants to restore aesthetics and function during the healing process. When the implants have integrated with the bone and stabilized, in about 6 months to one year, a new denture that fits exactly is made.

Denture Repair And Relines

Our dedicated North Palm Beach denture lab can perform any kind of denture repair, as well as relining your denture for a better fit. We can even reline your denture with a super-elastic soft lining, for the most comfortable fit you’ve ever experienced!

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